Outline of Taishi town

Taishi town, Ibo gun, is located in the southwestern part of Hyogo prefecture, around lat. 34.50' N. and long. 134.35' E. Taishi town is adjacent to cities of Himeji and Tatsuno. The town stretches 6.4km from east to west, and 3.7km from north to south. It covers an area of 22.66 square kilometers, and its terrain is mostly flat.
Belonging to the Setonaikai climate zone, its climate is relatively warm, 31.5 degrees (centigrade) at the highest, 0.3 degrees at the lowest, and average temperature is 14.6 degrees. The amount of rainfall is only 1,366 millimeters.
Taishi town is an important traffic exchange point of Hyogo prefecture, with JR Sanyo line, JR Sanyo Shinkansen, the Taishi-Tatsuno bypass of Route 2, and Route 179 going through the town. It has been widely noticed as suitable for industrial use and is home of many factories. Along with manufacturing, the service industry is flourishing mainly along the main roads. In surrounding areas, infrastructure for residential use is being provided. Urbanization of Taishi town is in progress.


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