Ako-City Takao-Elementary-School  

Address : 2240-1 Takao Ako-city Hyogo
telephon : +081-701-8-7824.7870
fax : the same as the above        

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The aim of our school

We aim at educating children to learn not only by
themselves but with each other, to grow rich and strong
in mind, and to take care of nature and creature.

Our school is located at the center of AKO City
and also nestled among mountains in the calm air.
The Chikusa which is one of the clearest rivers
in our prefecture runs by our school.
We have abundant nature around here.

We see Sanyo highway from our playground.
And turning our head, we see a board on the top
of our school,"Whose is the blue earth?"

Grapple with the environmental

We educate children to search for themselves
and take care of nature

Recycle wooden chopsticks

Do you know used three pairs of chopsticks are
remade into a piece of postcard ?
We began activity of collecting wooden chopsticks
as part of environmental education a year ago.
We stock collected chopsticks in this log cabin.
We call it "The house of wooden chopsticks".

These chopsticks will be changed into
high-quality paper

We grow rice for rice cake.
We hold "Harvest Festival" in fall, inviting
grandfathers-and-mothers living around this region.

A Comment by Ai Irishio

Even the word "internet" was unfamiliar to me,to be honest.
Since the personal computer of our school had not been
ready enough for internet, I thought I would have nothing to do
with internet for the time being.
That was why I was quite at a loss about what and how to do,
when I heard about making home page of our school.
At the time like this,Mr Shiwaku,the director of TAKAO
public hall, kindly gave us much advice and direction.
Following his advice,children took some pictures with
digital cameras here and there,and we wrote comments of
introducing our school and downroaded them in a floppy.
And all we had to do next was hand the pictures and the floppy to him.
After a few days,we could see our home page on the screen.
How great the moment was !
We were at first very anxious for fear we can not go through.
But every child who joined in this project said
"It was absolutely exciting to take pictures with digital cameras."
I'm sure internet which seemed far away has become closer to them.
And I myself have become not to be afraid of a computer.

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